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The whitelisting 
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All of the security software from the past are fake, and their effects are no better than good luck charms at best

What antivirus software do you have in your computer right now? If it’s not Defense Platform, you better consider the effectiveness of your software to be nothing but a good luck charm or mere consolation. The reason is because software other than Defense Platform were created 30 years ago, and experts as well as specialized magazines have pointed out their inadequacy since 10 years ago. Despite this warning, no new developments have been made to these software, and now they have become a compilation of truly withered technologies.

What would you do if you receive a call on your smartphone or mobile phone, and the number is withheld? Unless you were expecting a call, I’m sure you wouldn’t answer it. That is, it can be said that by not answering phone calls other than from phone numbers you have registered, you are keeping your security by only connecting with phone numbers that are safe.

Security software that only run programs that are allowed are called whitelisting models. The concept of whitelisting isn’t just limited to phone calls you receive on your smartphone; it applies to everything in the world. For example, in the case of managing the entry of individuals into buildings, those who have a pass or ID issued are allowed to enter the building.

Registering all individuals who may not enter during this entry management process of a building would be far too troublesome. Furthermore, deciding all people who are not allowed to enter is unrealistic and impossible.

The same applies to amusement parks. Those who purchase a ticket are allowed to enter. Now, imagine your own house. The only people who are allowed to enter are identified by way of having a key. As seen in these examples, whitelisting is a security model that is very natural to us, something that we see in all places of our real life.

The Defense Platform by Humming Heads realizes a whitelisting security. That is, it actualizes a model that is obvious for security software to follow, and it may also be called the prime point or ideal form of security.


The real condition of security with current antivirus software is the same as freely allowing people to enter into your house!

However, in the PC and Internet world, the complete opposite method has become pervasive. The method that security in the PC and Internet world follows is referred to as blacklisting, which registers software and programs that have already committed cyber attacks.

This method is equivalent to keeping your doors unlocked and only checking those on your criminal list - the software and programs that have committed cyber attacks - and allowing all others to freely enter. Because you do not know if they have a malicious intent or not, people who are not on your criminal list can enter your house freely. Extremely bad criminals that have just committed a crime will also be able to enter freely, because they have still not registered in your criminal list.

In this way, in the PC and Internet world, for some reason, such unthinkable cases are accepted without question, although in the real world it would not be. Now, try delving on this. Don’t you think it’s odd? Do you realize that the PC and Internet securities prevalent in the world right now are wrong?


The Defense Platform is the only solution that offers true safety

Every single one of your security software that you use, other than Defense Platform, are blacklisting models. There are many detection methods out in the world, referred to in various ways such as pattern comparison, behavior detection, vulnerability detection or sandbox, but all of these systems are blacklisting models that try to detect viruses.

You may have come across a marketing slogan by software using detection methods like these that they have a detection rate of 99% or 100%. However, the viruses used in these tests are only applicable to viruses that have been spotted in the past. You may notice that when thinking in terms of reality, where new viruses appear every second, a test that detects viruses that have appeared in the past is almost completely meaningless. It is impossible to register the ever-changing, ever-increasing viruses into a blacklist. It’ll be as plain as day that the results would be disastrous if these antivirus software were attacked with a multitude of new viruses.

Meanwhile, it is possible to register allowed information instead of the information of viruses. The reason is because you will only use a limited number of software on your own. That’s why the most realistic security is achieved by whitelisting. As mentioned earlier, whitelisting security is no different from what you do in your daily life. It’s not something new, difficult or troublesome. Get rid of blacklisting security that just requires a lot of effort but ends up being a waste, and start using the whitelisting model.

The only solution that achieves this security and is safe in the true sense is the Defense Platform.