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from the artisan town, Tsukishima

The ideal becomes reality―
100% defense through whitelisting

An ideal security program is the one that provides a 100% defense against any cyber attacks. The "whitelisting" method, by allowing only authorized programs to have access, and the ISO15408 certified technology achieve that level of security.

World trend―
Whitelisting is becoming the mainstream in the USA

Most conventional security programs use a "blacklisting" method that detects and eliminates suspicous programs one by one. However, the consensus is that this method has limitations. The worldwide trend is toward a "whitelisting" method to ensure IT security.

Essence of success―
Our superb API monitoring technology

All programs must use an API. SHINOBI can monitor what programs attempt to do by watching the API.Humming Heads holds an API monitoring technology patent and is the only company that is able to provide an effective whitelisting approach to IT security.

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